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Welcome to Circle 10, a company specialising in providing professional application and internet consultancy. Circle 10 provides services to enable our clients to compete more effectively in the digital economy. Here you can find out about our vision and approach, our solutions, our company and our services. 

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At Circle 10 we recognise the digital space as the primary source of maximising business relationships, and adding value to an organisation. We make businesses faster, more competitive and more valuable.


The proliferation of the internet as a business tool has blurred the boundaries of traditional enterprise. This highly networked environment that businesses compete in results in the need to ensure the correct approach.


Information flows freely, resulting in better products and services for customers and in the generation of additional revenue for enterprises through increased awareness, productivity, growth and profits.








Circle 10 enables organisations to develop new networked business models. To dramatically increase an organisations agility, speed and competitive edge, driving increased value to its customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.


Our company comprises a significant breadth of skills, to maximise your companies opportunities, and pay attention to the finer points of commercial requirements.


We offer a full range of services that allow us to deliver end-to-end solutions, enabling companies to capitalize on the reach and efficiency of the internet.


Our key competencies include:

  • strategic consulting
  • creative design
  • technology integration
  • business transformation
  • research and analysis
  • marketing and branding